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What you SHOULD NOT do with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are considered medical devices and require a prescription from an eyecare professional.  They are regulated by the FDA because if used incorrectly can cause serious damage and/or loss of vision.  Below are some helpful tips on what NOT to do with contact lenses.


1. NEVER use tap water, bottle water, or water from a facet to clean your contact lenses or case. Use only solutions that are approved for contact lens cleaning and disinfecting. Saline and wetting drops are not disinfecting solutions.


2. NEVER reuse the same multipurpose solution in the case for multiple days. You must use fresh solution every day. Follow the manufacture recommendations.


3. NEVER “top off” your multipurpose solution in you contact lens case. Always use fresh solution every day. Follow the manufacture recommendations.


4. NEVER swim or go into hot tubs with your contacts in. There are various types of organisms that flourish in these environments that can cause serious damage to your eye, permanent decrease in vision and/or blindness.


5. NEVER sleep overnight with your contacts lenses on unless your eye doctor prescribes you special contacts that are FDA approved to sleep in overnight. Your eye doctor must give you the O.K. to wear contacts continuously. If your eye doctor did not specifically say you can wear your contacts overnight then you are not authorized. There are only a few brands of contacts that are FDA proved for wearing continuous. Wearing your contacts continuously, overnight, can cause serious eye diseases (corneal ulcers) that can lead to permanent decrease of vision and/or blindness. You are not using your contacts while you are sleeping so take them out! Give your eyes the break. This will help yourstay healthy and disease free. If taking your contacts off every night is too bothersome maybe you should consider other options like glasses or laser eye surgery.



6. NEVER share contact lenses, contact lens cases, and/or cleaning solutions. This will prevent the spread of eye diseases.


7. NEVER use contact lenses that are damaged.


8. NEVER use the contacts longer than what your doctor prescribed them for. So if your doctor told you to replace your lens every two weeks then follow his directions.


9. NEVER put your contact lenses in your mouth.




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