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How To Clean Your Eyelids


Eyelid scrubs are often recommended by eye doctors for varies conditions. Some of the more common conditions that eyelid scrubs are recommended for are blepharitis, miebomian gland disfunction, dry eyes, before eye surgery, and various cornea diseases. Surprisingly, many people never do eyelid scrubs even if it would significantly help them manage their conditions. Why is this? Well, it is likely because it is an extra thing to do at night and the results sometimes take weeks to months to notice an improvement.


Most conditions that eyelids scrubs are prescribe for are chronic so getting in the routine of daily cleaning your eyelids is necessary to control the problem. Once you get in the daily routine of cleaning your eyelids you’ll find that over time it really does improve your condition. There are a few different ways to do eyelid scrubs. Below are some different methods of eyelid scrubs. You should do the eyelid scrub method your eye care professional recommended.


What is the purpose of eyelid scrubs?


Eyelid scrubs clean your eyelids of debris, oils, build up of tissue/oils around lashes and decrease the amount of bacteria around the eyelids. Clean eyelids help the eyelids and eyelid glands function properly. Routine hygiene is very important to keep your eyelids healthy.


Method 1: Purchase eyelid scrub pads or foam



Purchase over the counter eyelid scrub pads or eyelid foams at your local drug store or pharmacy. Use the pads as directed by your doctor and/or manufacture to clean your eyelids. If you only have to do eyelid scrubs for a short period of time, like prior to eye surgery, this can be good option. However, if you have to do this for months it can get very expensive. Once done with the eyelid scrubs rinse your face clean of all soap residue.


Method 2: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo eyelid scrubs with fingers while bathing


While you are bathing in the shower or bath use a few drops of baby shampoo and lather up your hands. Then with your eyes close gently message the soap suds on the lid margins for about 30 seconds. The goal is to clean the base of your eyelashes without irritating your eyes. Once done with the eyelid scrubs rinse your face clean of all soap residue.


Method 3: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo eyelid scrubs with cotton tip applicators


Dilute Johnson’s Baby shampoo in a container with warm water in a one- to-one ratio. Use a cotton tip applicator and soak with this solution. Gently message the eyelid margin with the cotton tip applicator for 30 seconds. Make sure you clean the bottom and top eyelid margin of both eyes. Try to avoid getting any soap into the eyes or touching the eyes with the cotton tip applicator. Remember focus on the eyelash base. Once done with the eyelid scrubs rinse your face clean of all soap residue.



Method 4: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo eyelid scrubs with wash cloth.



Lather up a wash cloth with a dilute one-to-one baby shampoo and warm water solution. Wrap the wash cloth around your index finger. With your eyes closed gentle message the lid margin focusing on the eyelash base. Avoid getting soap into the eye as much as possible. Once done with the eyelid scrubs rinse your face clean of all soap residue.



While Johnson’s baby shampoo is a cheaper option sometimes it can be irritating to the eyes. The eyelid scrub products that can be purchased at the drug store or pharmacy may be a better option.


Remember, you should always do what is recommended by your eye care professional. There are many options for eyelid scrubs but your doctor will recommend the method that fits your condition and needs the best.



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