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What Eyelid Hot Compresses Can Do for You

It is very common for eye care professionals to recommend hot compresses for eye lid diseases. Some of the more common conditions would be a eyelid stye (hordeolum, chalazion), meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eyes and/or blepharitis.  These condition can often benefit from hot compresses.

How do hot compresses help the eyelids?

Hot compresses are very beneficial to the normal functioning of the eye.  For chronic conditions like meibomian gland dysfunction or blepharitis hot compress help in two ways.  First, the warm moisture helps loosen up eyelid debris that has collected on the eyelash follicles.  If one is prescribed eyelid scrubs after hot compresses this will help maintain clean and healthy eyelid margins. Secondly, hot compresses help the eyelid glands function normally. In meibomian gland dysfunction this is critical because it will help the eyelid glands produce more fluid oil for one’s eye. This will help with dry eye symptoms. For more acute conditions like a stye or hordeolum, hot compresses help increase the blood flow to the eyelid area and help the body’s nature process of healing.

How does one do eyelid hot compresses?

There are few methods for hot compresses. First, one can put a washcloth into hot water or a hot water bath. Then put the washcloth onto your eyelids for 5 minutes. Second one can take a wet washcloth and put it into the microwave to heat it up, about 10 seconds. CAUTION!! Be careful not to get the washcloth too hot or you can seriously burn your eyelids or face. Test the washcloth to make sure it is not too hot prior to putting it on your face. Again, place the hot washcloth on your closed eyelids for about 5 minutes.

Remember, always use the method recommended by your eye care professional.

How many days should one have to do hot compresses?

This will vary depending on one’s condition. Your doctor will instruct the recommend days for hot compresses. Often for acute conditions like an eyelid stye one will do hot compress three to four times per day for 1-2 weeks. Chronic conditions will usually take much longer to control and hot compresses are 1-2 times per day. Use your doctor’s recommendations.



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