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How To Prevent Scratching Your New Glasses

There is nothing worse than spending $500 on a beautiful pair of glasses with high quality lenses and scratching them shortly after your purchase. Scratching your lenses is usually never covered under your warranty. That is because it is 100% preventable. So you may ask, what can I do to prevent scratching my glasses? Here are some steps to help keep your glasses looking new.



1.  Keep your glasses on you face and when they are not on your face put them into a glasses case.


2.  Do not drop your glasses. Large scratches are usually caused by dropping your glasses on a hard surface.


3.  Never store your glasses in your pockets or purse without them being in a glasses case. This includes your shirt pockets, jean pockets, or coat pockets.


4.  Clean your glasses regularly. Refer to “How To Clean Your Glasses” article.


5.  Purchase and anti-scratch coating to help minimize scratches.


6.  Anti-reflective coatings can be scratch very easily. It is important to take extra good care of your glasses if you purchase an anti-reflective coating.


7.  Never use your shirt or any abrasive material or abrasive soap to clean your glasses.


8.  Never set your glasses down on an end table or nightstand without being in a case. Accidents happen and your glasses can easily be knock off a table and scratched or stepped on.


9.  For some reason children and dogs like to play with glasses…..to not let them!


10.  ALWAYS PUT YOUR GLASSES IN A GLASSES CASE WHEN THEY ARE NOT BEING USED. If your glasses are on your face or in a case you will rarely scratch them.



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