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What is a lazy eye?


A lazy eye is a broad term used to describe an eye with decrease vision from childhood. This is also another term for amblyopia. A lazy eye can be cause by multiple conditions. The most common conditions that cause a lazy eye are strabismus (eye turn) or a high prescription. Both conditions can be treated affectively as a child before the age of seven with glasses prescription, vision therapy, patching and/or eye muscle surgery. If treated early one may not develop a lazy eye.

My Child’s Eye Wanders (Eye Turn)


An eye turn (strabismus) occurs when both eyes are not aligned straight. The eye will be turned outward or inward. Strabismus is typically diagnosed as a young child. As a child this can develop a condition called amblyopia.

How do I know if my child has an eye problem?


Infants and children are recommended to get eye examinations by an eye at 6 months, 2-3 years, and 5 years of age. However, if a child has a family history of eye diseases, or is a risk of eye pathology then they should be examined earlier.

Why does my child have a white pupil (leukocoria)?


A white pupil (leukocoria) in a child or newborn baby is never normal and is very concerning. One should promptly take their child to be examined by an eye doctor. There are multiple conditions that can cause a white pupil. All of these conditions require specialty eye care and treatment.


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