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Pigmented Conjuctival Lesions
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What are Pigmented Conjunctival Lesions?


Conjunctiva Nevus


Conjunctival nevi are very common. The typically develop from childhood to early adolescents. A conjunctival nevus is commonly described as a “freckle.” The conversion rate for a nevi to a malignant melanoma is very low. However, it is still recommended to monitor these lesions, by an eye doctor, for growth and pigmentary changes. Ocular photographs are also very beneficial for documenting change. There is no treatment of a benign nevus.

Conjunctiva Melanoma, malignant


A conjunctival melanoma is a pigmented or unpigmented lesion in the eye. These lesions typically grow, become vascular, and change color. Treatment involves surgical removal of the lesion and cryotherapy. Malignancy should also be monitored.


Conjunctiva Acquired Melanosis


Conjuctival acquired melanosis are pre-malignant pigmentary changes in the conjunctiva. These changes need to be monitor closely for malignancy. Typically, photographs and being followed by an eye doctor is recommended.


Conjunctiva Racial Melanosis (conjunctiva epithelial melanosis)


Conunctival racial melanosis is a very common benign condition in darkly pigmented skinned individuals. This condition consists of brown pigmented areas on the conjunctiva (the white part of the eye.) Typically, both eyes are affected. There is no treatment of this condition and no risk of these pigmented areas transforming into a malignant melanoma.


Conjunctiva Nevus of Ota


Conjunctival Nevus of Ota is a congenital condition. This condition is described as a blue/gray pigmentation of skin and mucus memebrains. It typically occurs in one eye only. One should be monitor for glaucoma, uveal melanoma, or malignant changes by an eye doctor. There is no treatment for this condition.


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