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1 Congenital Glaucoma 2384
2 Exfoliation Syndrome Glaucoma 2195
3 Glaucomatocyclitic Crisis 5076
4 Pigment Dispersion Glaucoma 2744
5 Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma 1900
6 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma 2290
7 Steroid Responsive Glaucoma 3787
8 Traumatic Glaucoma 2443
9 Uveitic Glaucoma 3809

What you SHOULD NOT do with Contact Lenses

News image

Contact lenses are considered medical devices and require a prescription from an eyecare professional.  They are regulated by the FDA because if used ... Read more.

Laser Eye Surgery Videos

There are various types of refractive surgery or laser eye surgery.  Below are a few videos of the more common ... Read more.

My Child’s Eye Wanders (Eye Turn)

  An eye turn (strabismus) occurs when both eyes are not aligned straight. The eye will be turned outward or inward. ... Read more.


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